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CryptoTab, Bitcoin Mining for EVERYBODY [Review & Comprehensive Guide 2018]

CryptoTab is a Google Chrome Extension that uses a computers CPU to mine Bitcoin.


Free-services that claim to reward any significant amount of Bitcoin are scams by default, because they are claiming the practically impossible.



Yet, there is always another side to the (bit)coin.


Not everything is a scam.


There are sites over which it is possible to earn small amounts of Bitcoin,

100% legitimately, and we advertise only the must trusted ones on best-ptc-sites.org.


>>Click here for our list of legitimate and trusted sites to earn Bitcoin without mining.<<


The Google Chrome Browser Extension “CryptoTab" is one such service.


CryptoTab - Earn Bitcoin with Google Chrome


















If you decided to mine coal naked with a spoon, you would probably be deemed suicidal. Not so in the world of Bitcoin – here you would be called opportunistic.


Usually, it would be near impossible to mine and earn a reasonable profit with just your everyday Desktop PC. Luckily, a few tech-savvy vigilantes didn’t forget about the common man, the everyday Joe, most likely: You.


They made CryptoTab -- a Google Chrome Browser Extension that everybody can use to start adding a little bit extra to their income.


Truth be told, it is not as straight-forward as it sounds, but it is every bit LEGIT and PROVEN and you are about to find out why, and how you can start earning with it too!


Mining Bitcoin is mostly done by companies or private people in huge mining pools, with the newest mining rigs. It requires huge computational resources and power consumption.


This raises the question: How does CryptoTab even mine for Bitcoin? The shocking answer: It doesn’t – it just pays you out in Bitcoin!Well, fair enough… So, what does it actually do?


It mines several other cryptocurrencies with a smart system that dynamically switches between them to increase profit up to 4-times, relative to continued mining of just one currency.The mining script automatically switches to the most profitable coin to mine at the moment, given the mining difficulty and stock exchange rates. Afterwards, it converts all funds into Bitcoin.


Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that you’ll be only finding pebbles to sell for peanuts on the local flea-market. The amount you can make with it will barely exceed the cost of running your PC over-time, if at all, no matter the currency mined.


However, CryptoTab wouldn’t have gotten the attention it did if that was all there is to it!


But let’s set things up first, shall we?


To get CryptoTab up and running just follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll be earning Bitcoin with just your Google Chrome Browser in no time!























Download and add CryptoTab’s Google Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser.





















Log-in with one of your Social Media Accounts on their site. (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and VK are supported!)























Adjust CryptoTab’s CPU usage to your desire and let the Chrome Extension run, mining for Bitcoin, not closing the browser or shutting-down your Computer.

Note: Increasing the CPU usage may slow down your computer.




















Profit? Maybe.



Where’s the hook? Friend Referrals


CryptoTab’s business model relies heavily on its users referring the service to others to be profitable.


No magic trick or smart programming will make it possible to mine Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, lucratively with an everyday PC. That is the harsh and honest truth.


Not CryptoTab, not a fairy, nor the latest scam scheme can change that.

Nonetheless, being able to mine at all is a great option to have – and to actually make a profit by referrals without having to invest a single penny is great.


The CryptoTab Team has their own mining pool running


They claim that as more people use their Google Chrome Extension, their mining will become increasingly optimized, paying users for their referrals.

Besides that, everybody gets a percentage of the Bitcoins earned by their friend’s referrals too.






















The referral network is up to 10-levels deep and you can check how much you will be able to squeeze out of it using their own free income calculator.


CryptoTab has a Promo going until the 1st of June, 2018.

They will reward the person who got the most referrals until the end of the Promotion with 0.3 Bitcoin. The Second-Place will earn 0.2 Bitcoin, the third 0.1 Bitcoin.




CryptoTab pays out all earned Bitcoins and provides its Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction Database as proof, and you can always check your progress in real-time in the Chrome Extension.


The Extension itself is doing nothing fishy, like scrapping personal information from your computer, either.


Nothing shady goes on here and we ourselves successfully transferred some hard-earned funds to our wallets without any complications.













Profit Potential


The potential to earn a decent amount of Bitcoin with the CryptoTab Google Chrome Extension is extremely low. In fact, on an everyday desktop PC one can hardly earn enough to make it worth the added power consumption.


No magic or witty programming will be able to change that. Ever.


How much can you earn with CryptoTab exactly?


To answer this with concrete numbers is a bit tricky because each of the 10-levels of the referral network give you a different % of their earned Bitcoins. In other words, a network of 500 direct (1st level) referrals will give you significantly more than a network of 500 referrals distributed over the lower levels.


CryptoTab’s calculator does not allow for free adjustment of the number of referrals by level, but automatically considers an exponential increase of referrals through the levels. Since that puts the least amount of people in the first, most lucrative, levels, while simultaneously adding the greatest number of people in the later levels, you can see its calculations as “lowest possible amount earned for X referrals”.


Using it, we calculated for you that:


































Keep in mind that those numbers go up drastically If we consider more referrals to be direct referrals.


All cards on the table, referrals are the only viable way to earn with CryptoTab.


If you are not a social media guru, CryptoTab’s Profit Potential is EXTREMELY LOW.


Pros & Cons:










CryptoTab offers a legitimate service to earn Bitcoin over Google Chrome, using your Computers CPU.


The user relies completely on a Referrals Business-Model to earn any decent amount of profit at all. On its own, the earnings are meager and barely worth it.


However, its service operates at the fringes of possibility and allows average PCs to jump into the Bitcoin mines too. It turned a frowned upon niche in the Blockchain-Industry (Browser-Mining) into a successful business opportunity.


If you have informed expectations, CryptoTab will not let you down – neither make you rich.


CryptoTab is a cryptocurrency miner that uses a PCs' CPU over a Google Chrome extension to mine.
CryptoTab’s Google Chrome Extension download page on the Chrome Web-Store.
CryptoTab requires a Social-Media login. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and VK are supported.
CryptoTab is automatically mining for cryptocurrencies using a computers CPU, only requiring for the browser to not be shut down. The CPU Usage is adjustable.
CryptoTab is mining for several cryptocurrencies with a smart switch to dinamically change between the most profitable coins to mine at the moment. Afterwards, it converts all profit to Bitcoins for you.
CryptoTab has a friend referral business scheme which is up to 10-levels deep.
CryptoTab is a 100% LEGIT site which pays-out their promised payment.
CryptoTab's Calculator to calculate Bitcoin Earnings from referrals.

+ Easy to get Up & Running

- Low Profit Potential

+ Completely FREE

- Relies heavily on Referrals

+ Minning on any computer that can run Chrome

- Works only with Google Chrome

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