Cryptocurrency Faucet

Considering how big and important Faucets are nowadays we couldn’t pass the opportunity to introduce you to them.


On this page you can learn about Faucets, their original purpose and most important, how to use them to earn money and various Alt Coins.


Plain speaking, Faucets are basically reward systems that let you earn Alt Coins by completing certain tasks. Faucets can take form of a Website or an Application. The tasks you need to complete in order to receive Alt Coins are quite simple, you need to visit website, watch an ad, or simply solve the Captcha. Solving the Captcha is the task used the most, exactly because of it’s simplicity.


Faucets are loved, used and endorsed by both “common folks” as well as Creators of Alt Coins. Their original purpose was Promotional Nature, created in order to promote new coins and introduce new audience to Cryptocurrency World.


Considering the reward for completing different tasks are mostly paid in Satoshi (Satoshi corresponds to 0.00000001 Bitcoin) you can see how this can be great way of earning, learning and getting needed experience with Cryptocurrencies before embarking into great adventures and actually investing real money.


Considering they are simply giving you away their currency, they had to limit the visitors earning by setting a timeframe of couple of minutes, few hours, up to couple of days, before claiming the reward again.


Referrals are another great thing with Faucets.


The Referral System enables the Faucet users to create some sort of pyramid scheme. Unlike the real infamous Pyramid Scheme, in this system everyone gets paid and actually benefits from being included.


The Referral System actually is the reason for creating Rotators (The Faucet Lists). Rotators are websites that list available and recommended Faucets at one place, which saves the user time he would lose going from one website to another, as well as enables the user to effectively keep track of faucets used and time needed to reset. Thanks to the referral system, both creator of such Website, as well as Visitors, can actually earn decent amount of Alt Coins.




After you have learnt the basics, you can continue learning by reading our Guides and Introductions to some of the best Faucets around. Information you need to earn all those free Alt Coins will be in each of those.




*Pro Tip* While claiming all those faucets and solving captchas, make sure to have CryptoTab Mining on. Can be great way to increase the efficiency of browsing time!!


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