CoinPot Faucet Lists, Instant Payout [Tips and Comprehensive Guide]

Coinpot Faucets


Introducing Free: Bitcoin Faucet, Litecoin Faucet, BitcoinCash Faucet, Dash Faucet and Doge Faucet


Faucets are a great way to earn new Cryptocurrencies and enough Coins to get into Crypto Trading. While collecting enough to actually be able to trade, you can learn enough to feel comfortable on that Exchange Interface.


Another great thing you will earn while "Farming Faucets", other than Crypto Coins, is Knowledge and Understanding.


How the Cryptocurrencies work? How to earn them? What are they worth? What affects their price? What to keep an eye for?


Knowing answers to all these questions will certainly help you on your way of turning your Small Fortune you collected using Faucets, into significantly bigger one.


In this particular piece we will provide you with Step by Step direction for using MicroWallet CoinPot most effectively, which Faucets to visit, how to Stay Safe, as well as the most important thing when it comes to Faucet Farming: re…


Wait, we shouldn’t tell you that on the very beginning though, don’t you agree?


Let’s start with most important: Step 1!


-Creating CoinPot MicroWallet


Creating CoinPot MicroWallet is as simple as that. Simply visit: CoinPot, click Register and fill out needed information. After you solve the captcha, and accept the License of Agreement, you can create an account and will receive a confirmation E-Mail.


I just hope you're not robot!

You can also choose to enable Google 2FA under the Account Details once you login. You will see the “Enable 2FA…” Button straight away once you go there.


Other than enabling you to Claim Tokens from several Faucets automatically, CoinPot has more great features that can help you both Learn and Earn. If you want to learn more about those features, you can read our Comprehensive Guide on CoinPot. We will also show you couple of strategies for earning using CoinPot implemented features later on.


For now though, let’s focus on simple CoinPot Faucet Claiming.


Since you got your CoinPot MicroWallet, you’re basically ready to start collecting Coins by visiting those Free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Doge Faucets.


As we also promised to show you where to find those, without further ado, we present:


-CoinPot Instant Faucet List:


-Bonus Bitcoin, claim prize in Satoshi / Bitcoin [BTC]

-BitFun, claim prize in Satoshi / Bitcoin [BTC]

-Moon Bitcoin, claim prize in Satoshi / Bitcoin [BTC]

-Moon Dogecoin, claim prize in Dogecoin [Doge]

-Moon Litecoin, claim prize in Litecoin [LTC]

-Moon Bitcoin Cash, claim prize in Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

-Moon Dash, claim prize in Dash [DASH]


Registering on these faucets is pretty straight forward. Just make sure you use the same E-Mail as the one you used for CoinPot account.


I hope I didn’t make a mistake by not saying that before giving you the actual Faucet List.


If you got this far, I bet claiming those faucets shouldn’t be an issue for you either. Solving Captchas and Closing Annoying Ads should be something you’re used to by now.




On the other hand, let me tell you couple of facts about how they work. And tips about using bonus they award. So you don’t have to sit whole day claiming spamming that Faucet List. Not saying that you shouldn’t!


-BonusBitcoin is your standard Roll Faucets. You can Claim the Prize every 15 minutes and Roll the Dice. While the Rewards may initially look low, the key is in the 5% daily bonus. On each day, they will award you with additional 5% bonus of the Satoshis you’ve earned during Eligible Period.


Eligible Period you may ask… “This is the total of all Faucet Claims and Referral Commision that you have earned in the eligible 72 hour period.” So, the more you claim, the bigger the bonus will get, which can turn that bonus into significant amount.


-MoonCoin Faucets and BitFun work slightly different though as they don’t fall under the “Roll” faucets. You can claim these every 5 minutes but let’s be realistic and show you how to properly use these. Several times per day will do it.


MoonCoin and BitFun add up Coins to prize pool as the time goes. You can claim the reward now, leave it for few hours, then collect generated amount. You shouldn’t just log once per day though! Generating Coins gets slower as the time goes as well. This means amount of Coins generated by these Faucets in the first half, won’t be same as in the second 30 minutes of an hour.


You can see how this makes sense from their point of view.


One thing MoonCoin Faucets have in common with BonusBitcoin Faucet is Bonus! Several of them actually! Daily Loyalty, Mystery and Referral Bonus.




I'm still new so it doesn't look like a lot...


Daily Loyalty Bonus increases 1% for each consecutive day you login and claim at least one reward from these faucets. This is the reason why it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, to collect faucet prizes DAILY. And I mean this. If you forget everything else you read here, at least keep this on your mind.


Mystery Bonus… You guessed! It’s random.


Referral Bonus is pretty self explanatory as well. You get 1% for each new Referral you get to use these Faucets. And exactly Referrals are the last, secret thing I was about to name in the intro. They play big part in the whole process. So make sure to send this article to your moms, friends and girlfriends, and while they’re registering, throw in half of your own Ref links. Leave some for the Original Author you know.


That’s CoinPot Faucet Farming 101 for ya’ Sir.


With this, you can start claiming those Faucet Prizes, and wait for our further instructions on how to use those CoinPot features to earn money, as well as new strategies and faucet lists.


After that, we should eventually get into that Cryptocurrency trading everybody’s talking about.


Shouldn’t be that hard, right?


Until then, keep those Bonuses Up!!!



*Pro Tip* While claiming all those faucets and solving captchas, make sure to have CryptoTab Mining on. Can be great way to increase the efficiency of browsing time!!


Use our referral to get bonus, as everyone included in the chain does!

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