Cryptocurrency Microwallet CoinPot [Review & Simple Guide]

CoinPot. Review and Simple Guide


CoinPot is Cryptocurrency Microwallet in which you can keep your Coins of different kind. Like every other Microwallet, its main and original purpose is enabling you to store different Cryptocurrencies you collected across several Faucets on one place.


Without too much hassle.


Due to many good reasons, features and especially Partners, CoinPot is certainly more than “just” a MICROWallet. Quite the opposite.


Even though originally intended for smaller transactions and payments you usually collect via different Faucets, we suggest to store all your Coins on CoinPot. Among other security levels, it also has 2FA as one of the safety layers. Like the Binance Exchange we also Reviewed. Also, multiple resources are claiming it to be one of the most secure ways to stash your Cryptocurrencies.


Their Partners we previously mentioned are useful in so many ways. Not only they are helping the CoinPot name by simply associating with them, they are also giving the best payments, deals and hefty bonuses.

Well, that makes collecting sound easy. What about Payout though?


In order to withdraw your Crypto to other Wallet, you need to collect 10 000 Satoshis from faucets into CoinPot. With those Partners and deals, it shouldn’t be hard.


One more thing that makes CoinPot more than “just” a MICROwallet is the fact that it also has Mining Options. You can mine Cryptocurrencies, which automatically gets stored to… CoinPot of course!


With Wallet and Mining covered, it’s no surprise they thought about creating their own Coin as well, introducing: CoinPot Tokens. You can get those through usual means like any other Coin out there: Faucets, Mining, Exchange, and as a Reward for doing what you came there for: Collecting Funds from their Faucet Lists.


Now, if you’re thinking they also built an Exchange Platform of some sorts so you can Earn, Mine, Store AND Exchange all those Coins they support on one place... Then you’re right!



They went a step further and completed the Holy Circle by adding an Option to Convert your Cryptocurrencies into other ones, on their wallet.


Other than their own CoinPot Token, using CoinPot MicroWallet lets you do business with Coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bittcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC).


Doesn’t sound so Micro now huh?


The Converting option goes in your favor for multiple reasons. Like getting those 10 000 Satoshis needed for payment. In case you’re one of the few that don’t feel safe using CoinPot.


What’s left of us to show you is one more thing, those freaking Faucet Lists where you can collect those Crypto Rewards.


Here are couple of Places you can find them:




With all this being said, I think it’s safe to sum this up by saying that CoinPot is one of, if not, the best Microwallet around. With good development, and those Partners, they grew to be one of the most Secure options for storing your Cryptocurrencies nowadays.


Creating their own Coin and successfully implementing it into marketplace was a natural thing to do with all those prerequisites. Converting Cryptocurrency Option they added played a big part in implementing their own Coin. But is just their great way to seal the deal. Icing on top of a cake!


If that’s not enough… Well, then you can try having some fun playing the Lottery using their CoinPot Tokens.


Yes, surprising or not, they got Lottery as well…


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