How does it Works?

If you are a Owner of a PTC/GPT/BTC any Site that serves a daily Traffic min. of 500 (REAL VISITS*)

to our Site will receive a Exchange Spot.(We will block instantlly incomming fake/bot/proxy Hits , this will result in a ban)


How long is the Exchange vaild?

We can set it up like needed and like dealt


How can we Start the Exchange?

Under "Advertise" on the left side of the Site you can request it or here if you look more down.


Is something else needed?

Yes, we will Sign Up on your Site and all the Fixed Ads/Credits need to be allocanted in our Account.

We will create our Ads and are able to Proof the amout of Traffic served to rank the Spots easier.


Is every Site allowed?

No, sites that violated the interests of us & our partners will be rejected and are not allowed.


How can i get the First place on the Exchange Spots?

The Site that serves the most Quality Traffic will be EX1* etc.


How can i contact you Guys?

On the top, left side of the Page is a "Skype" Button. Add us on Skype we are 16/7 available there to answer Questions, extend deals etc.


Where can i find my Site after we exchanged?

Your Site will be displayd on 3 Sites



Exchange Spots

Attention Please: This is a Service for everybody that is owner of a PaytoClick System.

You can request here to be placed on our Unique and Exclisive Exchanged Spots if you fil out the criteria which is written down more up

Your request will be processed within 48 hours regulary faster!


If you wanna make it much faster you need to Add us on Skype

Fil out the Formular and we will Contact you



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