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Jaxx, Cryptocurrency E-Wallet [Review and Simple Guide 2018]

Jaxx Wallet [Review and Simple Guide 2018]


Jaxx is a Wallet that allows its Users to store their shopping data online. For that reason these types of Wallets are also known as Web, or simply E-Wallets. In these you can store the information such as login details, shipping address, Credit Card details and more. Grew popular over the years due to security in case of theft.


Even though extremely valuable on its own, we wouldn’t be talking about Jaxx Wallet here, were it not for the multi-coin Cryptocurrency Wallet they introduced to the Crypto Industry.


People gathered around this project have plenty of experience in Competitive Platform Building. For that reason, it’s no surprise that Jaxx turns a lot of their attention to their user base and needs, attending them effectively in regards of their queries.


With all this, they managed to build an easily accessible platform, you can login from almost any device and platform.


Now, let’s cover couple of concerns for any Wallet user and Crypto Owner:



-Is Jaxx safe?

-How to use Jaxx?

-Which Cryptocurrencies are available on Jaxx?

-Jaxx fees?


After these answered, you should have somewhat better view of Jaxx multi-coin Cryptocurrency Wallet.



Is Jaxx safe?


Like with anything nowadays, first of Users concern usually is Security. And it should be.


Especially in the Cryptocurrency Industry.


While we previously mentioned that Jaxx Wallet is safer than the “Regular” one in case of theft, we have to mention that times change. Web Wallets are exposed to hacking and Thieves are adapting and schooling themselves. There have been plentiful of reports about Hacked accounts and Cryptocurrencies all cleaned out.


The general User base claim (or likes to think) that the Security level is satisfactory with the 4 PIN digits check.


But the WHOLE User base, and many more, claim the lack of 2FA and Multi-Signature support is just ridiculous.


How to use Jaxx?


Good thing about Jaxx is it’s accessibility on so many different platforms. Using it is a piece of cake as well!


Like with most Cryptocurrency Wallets these days, all you need to do in order to use Jaxx is Download the App and Sign Up. After that you’re ready to store Ethereum in your Jaxx Wallet.


You can find and download Jaxx Wallet on both Android Play Store as well as iOS App Store.


After that, open the exe file. An orange screen will pop up, which you have to tap in order to continue. You will proceed to screen with “create new wallet” option. This will create a server on your device, where you can store all private information and shopping credentials. As well as different Coins. With that, process of creating a Jaxx Wallet is completed.


You’re good to go.


The whole Interface is also User Friendly, so you won’t have hard time navigating through.


Cryptocurrency supported on Jaxx Wallet?


Jaxx is a multi-coin Cryptocurrency Wallet, which means, it stores many different Alt Coins.


When starting the company they focused on top tier coins which enabled them Growth. Their main focus was on coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, DAO and Litecoin.


Later on the number of Coins Supported grew to bigger number and is constantly increasing.

















Cryptocurrencies supported by Jaxx


They used this and enabled you to integrate ShapeShift within your Jaxx Wallet. For those who don’t know, ShapeShift is strong type of Cryptocurrency Exchange that supports numerous Crypto Coins.


They are looking into satisfied Customers by offering them set of various tools and options in their service. Something like Genesis Mining did on their own by creating their Coin and giving you options to Mine, Trade, Convert all on same place.



Jaxx fees?


Since you have Wallet to actually make purchases and trade out of it, let’s not forget covering Fees for such transactions.

Since you can download and use the whole Jaxx Wallet application for free, they take a certain amount of cash per transaction as a fee. For Ethereum transactions it can go up from 0.000441 ETH, while for other Cryptocurrencies, it depends on several factors like type of Coin, Amount and more.



Jaxx is certainly a Wallet to keep an eye on, but to be taken with slight dose of scepticism. Security is questionable due to lack of 2FA for sure, but can be overlooked for now based on reports and other security layers.


It’s free to download and extremely User Friendly, and you can do much more than just storing your Shopping information and Currencies. Both Crypto and Fiat. You can also enable ShapeShift to have a Cryptocurrency Exchange option all together with the rest of the features Jaxx Wallet offers.


If this doesn’t sound good enough, perhaps look into other options like Ledger NanoS we also did a review on. One level up.









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